From the Founder


The office of a Pastor’s wife is a great one with very important responsibilities. Many Pastors’ wives will tell you that they did not fight to take this office, they just found themselves in it. For many of us, we accept it with all our hearts, and depend on God for the grace to do our assignments to the finish.

I see it as a calling, and a privilege to be a Pastor’s wife.  The job can be delicate, and challenging, as you have to care for the Lord’s anointed (your husband), your children (who are also the Lord’s anointed), relatives, and God’s people whom you both Pastor. Notwithstanding, God divinely empowers the Pastor’s wife, and also gives her spiritual insight and understanding of what it takes to be a good Pastor’s wife.

Every Pastor’s wife can determine to increase and strengthen her spiritual muscles and be up to the task; and also increase  in spiritual height and momentum, steadily going higher and higher, never giving up, until God’s purpose is accomplished.

This is the reason for this network:  Pastors’  Wives Arise Network International (PWAN Int.)  To connect with one another, and be a support to our fellow  sisters in this same office. To provide mentorship and counseling as need be, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and abiding in the Word of God. Many Pastors’ wives go through common challenges, and a testimony of how one overcame  a certain challenge, may be the light that will break forth to give a  breakthrough to another Pastor’s wife encountering a similar challenge.

PWAN Int. will hold  yearly conferences to empower  Pastors’ wives

To build strong Pastoral families that are established in righteousness.

To watch and pray for their husbands until they reach their finishing marks.

To call forth and pray their children to their God ordained destinies.

To pray and watch over the sheep committed to their care.

To identify through the help of the Holy Spirit, any other specific assignment entrusted to them as individuals, besides being a Pastor’s wife; and to be encouraged to birth forth that vision and arise and run with it until Divine purpose is accomplished.

Dear Pastors’ wives, you have done much, but you have not yet reached the finishing mark; do not be satisfied with where you are, and with what you have done so far. There is still much to do.

There are still:

more territories to conquer;

more souls  to be saved;

more hungry mouths to be fed;

more poor and needy to be help;

more (critical) decisions for you and your husband to take;

more things for your children to accomplish;

more persons to be delivered from demonic chains;

more spiritual babies to fed;

maybe, more trials and temptations to overcome;

more families to build;

more sons and daughters  that must come to you;

more nations to come to your light, and more kings to the brightness of your light.

Pastors’ wives,  “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; but the Lord shall rise upon you, and His glory shall be seen upon you.  The nations shall come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising.” Isaiah 60:1-3.

Arise! to your next level of watching and praying; Arise! and pray more for your husband, your children, and your generations to come. Do not give up. God is ready to give you wings and eyes like those of an eagle.

The days are evil, you need powerful wings to soar high like and eagle, and you need the eyes of an eagle to be able to see the enemies of your husband, and the enemies of your children, and the enemies of your ministry from afar off, and deal with them with the weapons of warfare that the Lord has given you.

Arise! to your next level of commitment, devotedness, and service to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Arise! so that you can be of help to any of the saints that may be fainting.

Arise! and be the one to equip the next generation.

Arise! and to accomplish your purpose and arrive your destiny.

Arise! and be counted among the faithful.



                        By Pastor Mercy Forlu. (Pastor’s Wife)